Lucky [MOON] Shot!

I got a lucky shot, right from my own backyard!  I had about a 3 second heads up that running lights were headed towards the moon, and I managed to capture this sliver in time.


2013 Year in Review

2013 was an interesting year professionally.  Lots of ups and downs as I struggled to find my stride getting imagery and telling the Guard story.  Like many other organizations, we were effected by the sequester, which kept us from documenting some really cool stuff, and also kept some money from getting into my wallet, but we persevered and got through it. 

I got to shoot some cool training this past year, three in particular I really enjoyed: water survival training with the U.S. Coast Guard, a TDY to Fort Pickett, Va. to document the 227th Air Support Operations Squadron as they worked with the 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, and training with the 177th Fighter Wing Fire Department.  Things didn't go perfectly (they rarely do), but we are progressing with baby steps as we integrate with and document these forces.

It looks like I missed out on some of the bigger venues, but I did make it into the 2013 Airman Magazine Year in Visuals, as well as the 2013 Air Force Year in Photos - both of which are an honor to be a part of.

Goals for 2014:  One of my goals is still to get published by's The Big Picture.  The photos on there are consistently the best in the world and that will continue to be a goal of mine.

I'm also hoping to pass on more of what I know to the new airmen in our shop.  

While our job relies heavily on opportunity (something we struggle with), it is a real privilege to be able to do what we do when we get the chance to do it.

2014 will hopefully be starting off with some fireworks!  Happy New Year!








I've been wondering what constitutes a viral image.  A million likes?  A million views?  How do you quantify the analytics?  Here are two of my images that filtered into the sphere in Dec.