I competed for the second year in a row in the Defense Information School's Visual Information Awards Program this year, and was honored to have placed 3rd in the digital art category of MILGRAPH.  While I consider myself a photographer first, painter second, my photos didn't do so well.  However, I learned a lot from watching the judging.


I also attended 2014's DC Shoot Off, a meeting of some of the greatest minds in military photojournalism!  It was an amazing experience that taught me a lot.  That's whats so great about this field:  we're always learning.


Here's my winning digital art piece, "Jersey Jerk over Ruhr":




January of this year was awesome!  I was published around a hundred times, and made it onto one of my favorite websites,  The Gallery for nighttime Air Force photos is awesome!  It was quite an honor.  I'm looking forward to what February has to bring!


My best shot of 2013


My best shot of 2013: "Something a little more intimate than my other shots. This is the first portrait ever taken of my daughter, as well as her first breath. She had a meconium birth, so was in fetal distress and was whisked away to be cleaned off and to have her nose and mouth irrigated before being allowed to take her first breath. I was stressed and worried but had my camera there to document as the doctors and nurses literally saved her life."