International Adventure

So, I spent about two weeks in Germany for an extensive shoot for work documenting an exercise.  I got to travel a little around Bavaria (where my family is originally from!) and it is the Land of a Thousand Cathedrals.  Seriously, there are cathedrals within rock throwing distance all over the place.  Big, beautiful, gothic architecture is all over the place.  I simultaneously crashed a wedding and a car show at this cathedral in Regensberg.


An epic wedding.


And two minutes later, back to being a car show.


More National Geographic Goodness!

I have two photos trending this week on National Geographic's Your Shot, check them out if you get the chance!


A bird, which I took at the Edwin B. Forsythe nature preserve, and a young dolphin being trained, which I took at Seaworld.  The bird is for an assignment on Nature, and the dolphin is for Animals We Love.


Nat Geo

After about a year up uploading imagery to Nat Geo, I was finally published!  I wish it was in print, but I will take getting published on their blog!