Afghanistan or Bust

The ammount of support I have recieved from co-workers, friends, and family has been amazing!  

A cake fit for kingsMyself, Col Roger Pharo, and Maj Ed DagneyMaj Dagney and I attacking the cakeTSgt Holway, TSgt Hecht, and TSgt Holway

 My next posts will be in-country!    





If there is something that CAST (Combat Airman Skills Training) taught me, it's that TEXAS IS HOT!  I left the calm, cool shores of New Jersey on the 31st of July, and arrived to a heat bubble of doom at Camp Anderson Peters, Texas.  When I say it is hot, I mean hydration every 5 minutes hot.  I'm pretty sure it was the hardest training I've ever had to go through; besides the heat, we had to deal with the weight of being in full gear plus plates, weapon, and other things that put us at our normal body weight + about 60 lbs.  

Hang loose!


If I could summarize the experience of CAST in a few words, I would say it was tough but great.  The concept of the training is to get you ready for Mounted Ops (think convoys), as well as Foot Patrols/Land Navigation.  The Cadre were very well versed in the fields that they taught, but also have a level of approachability which was nice.  There were things that were a little too deserty though, like living in tents, eating MRE's, and using a Port'O'Potty every day.  Let's be honest for a second - most of us take for granted the stuff we have around us, like running water and a fridge. 

One of the bonuses to CAST training was making friends with fellow Air Force members through mutual suffering.  My tent was full of medics, which was a good thing to have, especially in an environment that featured scorpions and rattlesnakes.

Fortunatly, the most dangerous thing I faced was an overzealous cadre member with a paintball gun with a maxed out PSI.

It actually didn't hurt

The moon as seen past some Texas shrubsThe CAST class prepares for Urban Operations on Camp Bullis

Some of the tent "A" crew out by the MOUNT villagePanorama inside a HUMVEE

The end of a beautiful day at Camp Anderson Peters

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