Monday, September 4, 2017 at 08:01AM
Matt Hecht

I was totally shocked and stoked to see that I was chosen to be published in the National Geographic story "Epic."


While it's not a cover photo, or even in print in the magazine, it's close to a dream I've had since I was seven years old, perusing old copies of National Geographic that laid in dusty piles in the corner of my town's library. I would flip through those heavy pages, dreaming about far off people and cultures. At that time, my dad was a photographer, developing in the darkroom, and because kids are insufferable I wanted to be the opposite of whatever my parents were at the time. I wish now I had embraced that familial destiny sooner in life!

The image chosen for "Epic" is not my best. In fact, it has been criticized in the past for looking fake, for being over-exposed, and generally not being that great. I agree (well, everything but it being fake. Opportunity + luck). It is an older photo, from several years ago, and I have grown tremendously since then, thanks to the numerous talented photojournalism friends I have surrounded myself with (and learned from), as well as all of the great workshops, especially Eddie Adams. If I was given that assignment again today, the way I shot it would have been different, but that is the gift of experience and hindsight.

Please go check out the story, and marvel at the other photos - they are amazing!

The National Geographic story "Epic" can be found here.


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